Pipework Inspection & Hydrostatic Testing Witnessing

Adept performs pipework inspections to make sure that your pipes are safe


Faulty piping may cause a loss of product. This can cost both time and money to fix and not to mention potentially causing injury or even environmental damage.

It is critically important to make sure your piping won’t crack or leak its contents. Piping needs to be inspected in the AS/NZS 3788 standard. Adept performs visual pipework inspections and can witness your hydrostatic testing to AS/NZS 3788.

Pipes usually contain compressed air, steam, gases or refrigerants like ammonia and are used in a range of industries such as food manufacturing, chemical plants, wineries, hospitals and more. No matter your business, Adept can provide a range of hydrostatic testing to get the job done. We offer quick turnaround, flexibility and, most importantly, work with you to coordinate your hydrostatic testing needs.


Adept can provide non destructive crack-testing to complete your pipe inspections including

Magnetic particle testing to find and assess any potential cracks on steel piping so you can identify the specific location for any necessary works to be completed. Adept have all the equipment ready to go.

Dye-Penetrant Examinations for piping in a range of materials to assess any potential cracks on your piping so you can identify the specific location for any necessary works to be completed. Adept have all the equipment ready to go.

Hydrostatic test witnessing & reporting

Adept has a range of necessary equipment to administer hydrostatic testing to AS4037 Section 17. We can provide NATA calibrated digital and analogue pressure gauges and other equipment including diesel pumps, hand pumps and hoses/fittings. Our inspectors can witness your hydrostatic testing and provide you with specific hydrostatic reporting.

Vacuum Testing Witnessing

Vacuum testing of industrial pipes and manhole covers are required during commissioning as per the Australian standards.
Adept cannot complete the Vacuum testing but we can witness the vacuum testing and sign off on the results so you can have ease of mind that the testing has been completed thoroughly.

Why Adept?

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    Honesty and integrity

    You can trust us to witness a hydrostatic test and report on the outcome accurately. Our final sign off will inform you of the genuine outcome.

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    We strive for excellence

    It is good to have extra eyes on the ground and get an unbiased assessment of the workmanship of other contractors. When Adept are working with other contractors, our responsibility is to you and if there is something that should be checked or reported, we will let you know.

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    We have the equipment

    We have the skills and equipment to carry out hydrostatic testing, Dye-Penetrant Examinations or Magnetic Particle Inspections. This testing can be expensive to purchase so save on your cost by utilising Adept.

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“Adept go above and beyond. They worked around the clock to keep our pressure vessels compliant nationally when all the borders were shut. They make sure that any pressure vessels needing registration are actioned and keep all of our registrations in date.”

Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“Adept put our national audit together quickly and met all of our timeline requirements. They consistently deliver quality reporting and are always very helpful.”

National Technical Team Manager, Target & Kmart

“Adept are great to work with. They have been very hands on with making sure we understand and action our compliance requirements. They offer practical solutions and make sure we stay compliant.”

National Account Manager, mycar

“Adept Inspections & Training were called upon to carry out Statutory Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspections on our available assets, not only in our Workshop but were more than willing to travel to nearby sites. Adept not only supplied us with a punctual and competent Service Technician but also, with friendly Office Staff who look after all necessary planning, recording and documentation. I would recommend Adept Inspections and Training to anyone who requires this type of service.”

Maintenance Manager, Durock Drilling Pty. Ltd.

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Adept maintains NATA accreditation ISO 17020 Type A for in-service inspection. This is the highest standard of pressure vessel inspection accreditation you can achieve in Australia and means that we are an independent and impartial inspection body.