NDT, Plant and Equipment Management

Adept can provide consultation on the management of your pressure equipment.


Adept is experienced in assisting with all facets of NDT, plant and equipment management.

A single contact for all of your plant management needs, our expert team will help you to identify your distinct requirements and organise how to meet them.

We have over 35 years of industry experience and access to a range of technical knowledge and expertise. For more complicated equipment set-ups that may require extra service, Adept can simplify your workload.

There are many critical components in the management of pressure equipment:

  • Design
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Design Verification
  • Inspection
  • Purchase
  • Compliance with State Authorities
  • Installation
  • Management of Repairs and Sale
  • Commissioning

Why Adept?

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    Honesty and integrity

    Adept provides impartial advice you can trust. We outline your responsibilities and also offer helpful suggestions on your pressure vessel requirements.

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    Tailored support

    For complicated equipment set-ups, Adept can help you get going with our advice and project management capabilities.

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    Get it right the first time

    Adept can provide you with advice on the best strategic manner with which to handle your pressure vessel compliance needs across your asset list/sites.

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Advice on Legislation

Work Health & Safety Legislation

Owners, operators and/or management have a responsibility to maintain a functioning and safe workplace. We can help you to understand this.

Code of Practice

Adept is NATA Accredited, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and impartiality in our work. We provide accurate and independent third party reports, which are never affected by any external influence or pressure.

InformationAdept has:

  • NATA certification to AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Type A Inspection Body.
  • Accreditation to QMS 9001:2015 and QMS 4801:2001 safety standards.
  • A.I.C.I.P qualified In-Service Inspectors with a range of technical backgrounds.

Australian Standards for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Adept adheres to the current Australian Standards for WHS to ensure your work site is up to date with the required legislation. Adept complete inspection to AS/NZS 3788.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Adept Inspectors have the necessary skills for the NDT testing that may be required to complete an inspection. Specifically:

  1. Ultrasonic-Thickness Reading*
  2. Magnetic Particle Testing
  3. Dye-Penetrant Examination

NDT is usually not required for an AS/NZS 3788 inspection. Where further information is required to complete an inspection, Adept Inspectors can organise and manage any extra NDT processes.

*In certain cases, Adept Inspectors can use Ultrasonic Thickness Readings in-lieu of internal inspections. This may benefit the client in cases where it is not possible to depressurize and bring the equipment offline.

Pressure vessel and boiler installation consultation

It is essential to seek experienced technical guidance when installing, reinstalling or replacing pressure equipment. Adept can help you get your installation right. Installation of pressure equipment to Standard requires correct allowances, venting, fitting and appurtenances.

Even equipment purchased and manufactured to specifications or with the latest efficiency technology can lead to increased energy usage non-compliance if it is installed incorrectly.

Routine maintenance and repairs consultation

If your pressure equipment has experienced a problem, then Adept Inspectors can manage or assist with the repair process. Properly maintained and competently inspected older pressure vessels can remain safe and operational even after 30 years of service and do not have to be decommissioned.

Adept will where possible:

  • Provide advice on whether to repair
  • Organise and advise on any Design Review requirements
  • Advise on the processes of the repair
  • Ensure that correct qualifications are held by the repairers
  • Check that the quality and workmanship of the repair is compliant
  • Re-inspect the pressure equipment on completion

“Adept put our national audit together quickly and met all of our timeline requirements. They consistently deliver quality reporting and are always very helpful.”

National Technical Team Manager, Target & Kmart

“Adept go above and beyond. They worked around the clock to keep our pressure vessels compliant nationally when all the borders were shut. They make sure that any pressure vessels needing registration are actioned and keep all of our registrations in date.”

Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“Adept are great to work with. They have been very hands on with making sure we understand and action our compliance requirements. They offer practical solutions and make sure we stay compliant.”

National Account Manager, mycar

“Adept Inspections & Training were called upon to carry out Statutory Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspections on our available assets, not only in our Workshop but were more than willing to travel to nearby sites. Adept not only supplied us with a punctual and competent Service Technician but also, with friendly Office Staff who look after all necessary planning, recording and documentation. I would recommend Adept Inspections and Training to anyone who requires this type of service.”

Maintenance Manager, Durock Drilling Pty. Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Adept creates quality-checked boiler inspection reports ranging from one-page AS/NZS reports to multiple-page photographic reports. Our suite of reporting formats are continually evolving to match the varying needs of our diverse clients.

What are the Australian Standards for Boilers and Pressure Vessels?

Australian Standards for boilers and pressure vessels include:

  1. AS/NZS3788
  2. AS1210
  3. AS1271
  4. AS1349
  5. AS1358
  6. AS1677
  7. AS2971
  8. AS3873
  9. AS3892
  10. AS3920
  11. AS4037
  12. AS4041
  13. AS4343
  14. AS4458
  15. AS4942

Is chemical cleaning required?

Chemical cleaning plays an important role in routine boiler maintenance and equipment management. Adept Inspectors are able to advise on boiler chemical cleaning procedures or report on the efficiency of this treatment.

What if I have no idea what equipment I have let alone what pressure vessels I have?

Don’t worry, this is often the case, especially if you have a large asset list or many sites. Adept have successfully completed pressure vessel audits with no prior information other than addresses.

I know that I have pressure vessels on my site/s but I don’t have any documentation. Is that a problem?

This happens more often than you think. We can assist with your documentation by completing an inspection, where we will provide you with a report on what you do have and advise of what is missing.

I do have an asset list that I can provide to assist with the audit. Can you just go off of that?

Adept Inspectors don’t put anything on our reports other than what we have confirmed visually ourselves. To ensure all provided information is valid, we will always do our own checks.

Pressure vessel inspection is a niche expert skill and we often find that when you haven’t had the training, you will think something is a pressure vessel when it is not or vice versa. In fact, we frequently find that asset lists are outdated and incorrect, although we still welcome an asset list to refer to as it can be helpful.

Do you need me to do anything else for the audit?

Yes. Please ensure Adept has access to your site and equipment. We can’t inspect pressure vessels that are in a locked room without a key. We will also need you to take action on the non-compliances identified in the reports we provide you. If you need guidance and assistance with this step, we can help.

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Adept maintains NATA accreditation ISO 17020 Type A for in-service inspection. This is the highest standard of pressure vessel inspection accreditation you can achieve in Australia and means that we are an independent and impartial inspection body.