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Let our team take the hassle so that you can focus on running your business.


At Adept, our administration team is thoroughly experienced in the application and maintenance process for State Authority Registration on behalf of our clients.

We guarantee you will always remain compliant when Adept is managing your plant registrations. Adept Inspection Data can be transferred directly into State Authority Forms ready for submission.

Let our team take the hassle out of plant registration so that you can focus on running your business

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Our team are old hands at applying for
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    Australia-wide & state-specific knowledge

    Each Australian state or territory has a governing authority with different processes, frequencies and pricing for registrations. Adept have been managing registrations for our national clients for over a decade. Our experience means that you can benefit from our specialized knowledge of each state authority.

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    Trusted experience

    While you can prepare your own registrations, any mistakes can result in your pressure vessel not being registered – potentially costing both time and money. Save yourself the trouble by getting Adept to complete your registration for you. With our vast experience, we get it right the first time.

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    Peace of mind

    Once you are in the care of Adept, we handle your registrations and registration renewals before they expire. We will provide your registrations certificates for auditing purposes on request. Our clients benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that we are only one call or email away, so any safety or unplanned compliance audit won’t be an issue.

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Our plant item registration management procedure

Adept have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to plant registration. Let our team lead the way with as little inconvenience to you as possible, we’ll manage the process for you from start to finish.

  1. Adept begin by conducting an inspection of your pressure vessels and evaluating the hazard level to assess whether plant registration is required.
  2. If required, Adept will need your design registration – this is received from either the importer or manufacturer when they purchased the equipment.
  3. Once Adept have finalised your inspection reports, you will receive an invoice.
  4. Once payment is received Adept will lodge your applications/renewals with the state authority and provide a copy of the certificate.

“Adept go above and beyond. They worked around the clock to keep our pressure vessels compliant nationally when all the borders were shut. They make sure that any pressure vessels needing registration are actioned and keep all of our registrations in date.”

Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“Adept put our national audit together quickly and met all of our timeline requirements. They consistently deliver quality reporting and are always very helpful.”

National Technical Team Manager, Target & Kmart

“Adept are great to work with. They have been very hands on with making sure we understand and action our compliance requirements. They offer practical solutions and make sure we stay compliant.”

National Account Manager, mycar

“Adept Inspections & Training were called upon to carry out Statutory Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspections on our available assets, not only in our Workshop but were more than willing to travel to nearby sites. Adept not only supplied us with a punctual and competent Service Technician but also, with friendly Office Staff who look after all necessary planning, recording and documentation. I would recommend Adept Inspections and Training to anyone who requires this type of service.”

Maintenance Manager, Durock Drilling Pty. Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register my pressure vessel without it being inspected first?

No you can’t. When you register a pressure vessel, you are stating that it is safe to operate and has been inspected by a competent person.

Can I register my pressure vessel if it has a non-compliant report?

No you can’t. When you register a pressure vessel, you are stating that it is safe to operate and has been inspected by a competent person.

How long does it take to receive my registration certificate once the application is submitted?

1-2 months depending on the time of year and the state. If you have an audit request for proof of registration before you receive your registration certificate, you will need to show proof that the application has been sent. Adept can assist with this if we manage your registrations.

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Adept maintains NATA accreditation ISO 17020 Type A for in-service inspection. This is the highest standard of pressure vessel inspection accreditation you can achieve in Australia and means that we are an independent and impartial inspection body.