Boiler Inspection

Adept can conduct a professional boiler inspection on any size or model.


Boilers can be hazardous if not operated or maintained properly. Adept offers trusted boiler inspection, with over 100 years combined experience.

Our Inspectors complete both visual internal and external boiler inspections to AS/NZS 3788 2006, utilising ultrasonic thickness testing if needed and videoscopes to check the ongoing integrity. We pride ourselves on our expert level understanding of the relevant standards, guaranteeing practical consultation and reliable reporting.

Whether you need a scheduled or short notice boiler inspection, we will work with your boiler service company to ensure everything gets done correctly.

Boiler experts

We inspect all boiler types

Our experienced boiler inspectors regularly inspect a wide range of boilers across multiple industries, including:

  • Hot water boiler
  • Fire tube boiler
  • Steam boiler
  • Heritage boiler
  • Water tube boiler

Enjoy peace of mind that your boiler is safe to operate.

Boiler maintenance is specified in Australian Standard 2593 as being Unattended, Limited Attendance or Fully Attended. Incorrect classification can lead to erroneous boiler maintenance and non-compliance with WHS Regulations. It can also shorten the boiler’s lifespan, causing potential malfunction, worker injury or even loss of life – an expensive risk to take.

Adept’s service gives you peace of mind that your boilers are compliant and safe to operate. We inspect boilers in a large variety of workplace environments, including:

  • Coolrooms
  • Medical plant rooms
  • Air conditioning plant rooms
  • Laundromats
  • HVAC plant rooms
  • Wineries
  • Service workshops
  • Breweries
  • Ammonia plants
  • Water treatment plants

Why Adept?

Experience the Adept difference

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    Tailored inspections

    Adept believes in client-focused service, providing a customised boiler compliance solution to your specific equipment and environment.

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    Trusted inspectors

    Boiler classification can be difficult for the inexperienced inspector. We guarantee reliable inspections and reporting, with over 100 years combined experience.

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    Cost-effective solutions

    Adept will work with you to coordinate your inspection while we are in the area where possible to reduce the overall cost without taking short cuts.

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Our boiler inspection procedure

Adept Inspectors work with you to find the most efficient solution that fits with current scheduling, performing onsite boiler inspections and advising of WHS/OH&S compliance requirements.

  1. The Adept team will contact you to advise of due inspection, working with you and/or your boiler service company to determine your requirements and secure a date for inspection.
  2. If you contact us for an ad hoc inspection, our admin team will advise when an Inspector is in your area to see if this timing suits. If not, we will schedule the inspection to your requirements and quote a “call out” cost.
  3. An Adept Inspector will attend your site on the agreed date to perform a visual inspection and the controlled checks including the safety valve accumulation tests.
  4. The Inspector will verbally advise on the boiler compliance requirements of your site and place inspection adhesives on the boiler as evidence of inspection.
  5. After inspection, you will receive a quality-checked inspection report. This outlines compliance status and what actions are required to become compliant or maintain compliance.

Commissioning inspections

A commissioning inspection is mandatory by WHS Legislation to ensure that the boiler has been manufactured to specification and installed correctly, with all the appropriate safety fittings and appurtenances, markings and labels.

Commissioning inspections and registration (where applicable) are to take place prior to use of boiler equipment, to ensure it has been inspected by a competent person. To be thorough, we can also complete magnetic particle testing or dye penetrant examination to check for cracks in the boiler.

Boiler inspection report services

Adept guarantee an accurate and reliable report, letting you know exactly what is non-compliant so that you can rectify the issue. Our quality-checked boiler inspection reports range from one-page reports to multiple-page photographic reports. This suite of reporting formats is continually evolving to match the varying needs of our diverse clients.

We can also work with your boiler servicing company to ensure the compliance of your boiler.

InformationImportant Note

We will advise of the ongoing requirements for your pressure vessels to remain compliant to Australia / New Zealand standard 3788 and inform you when the next inspection is due. If requested, the Adept team can also tend to your registration needs.


“Adept go above and beyond. They worked around the clock to keep our pressure vessels compliant nationally when all the borders were shut. They make sure that any pressure vessels needing registration are actioned and keep all of our registrations in date.”

Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“Adept put our national audit together quickly and met all of our timeline requirements. They consistently deliver quality reporting and are always very helpful.”

National Technical Team Manager, Target & Kmart

“Adept are great to work with. They have been very hands on with making sure we understand and action our compliance requirements. They offer practical solutions and make sure we stay compliant.”

National Account Manager, mycar

“Adept Inspections & Training were called upon to carry out Statutory Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspections on our available assets, not only in our Workshop but were more than willing to travel to nearby sites. Adept not only supplied us with a punctual and competent Service Technician but also, with friendly Office Staff who look after all necessary planning, recording and documentation. I would recommend Adept Inspections and Training to anyone who requires this type of service.”

Maintenance Manager, Durock Drilling Pty. Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there WHS & OHS legislation for boilers?

Boilers are legislated in Australia because of their associated safety risks. They can become hazardous if improperly operated, installed or maintained.

What are the risks associated with boilers?

If there is a malfunction with a boiler due to: improper installation, faulty or incorrect pressure relief parts, unmanaged corrosion, rectification works disregarding specifications, poor quality maintenance etc. the boiler can become a safety hazard.

Potential boiler risks include: projectile, explosion, high pressure injection injury, asphyxiation etc.

How do you know when it's time for a boiler inspection?

Inspection periodicity is set out in AS/NZS 3788 Table 4.1 Clause 1.

What is your WHS responsibility as the boiler owner or operator to mitigate these risks?

You need to ensure:

  • All boilers are inspected by a competent person.                
  • The registration of plant designs of Hazard level: A, B, C and D, boilers. Hazard Levels defined in Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4343. 
  • The plant item registration of Hazard Levels A, B and C boilers.
  • Records of boiler inspection, servicing and maintenance are kept and made available for inspection.
  • The continuing integrity and safety of boilers.

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Adept maintains NATA accreditation ISO 17020 Type A for in-service inspection. This is the highest standard of pressure vessel inspection accreditation you can achieve in Australia and means that we are an independent and impartial inspection body.