11 December 2020


Adept has a new look!


Adept has been around since the 80’s, consistently keeping our clients compliant across Australia and building a wealth of Australian pressure vessel safety knowledge that is unparalleled.

We are an experienced and well-established company who are deeply proud of our history and the journey we have been through but now it is time to take our services to the next level with our digital transformation. Adept has updated our logo with a fresh new look to symbolise the evolution we are going through as a company.

Adept is still run by the same people that have provided the honest and trustworthy service our clients have been treated to over the years, but we have restructured our business model to make sure our operations are optimised in our new paperless system.

Our inspection adhesives we place on the pressure vessels we inspect as evidence of inspection will not immediately transform into our new logo (obviously) as there are tens of thousands of these adhesives across Australia and the replacement of these adhesives will take years.

Adept always has had a commitment to continual improvement and that is always our promise to our clients that we are always looking for opportunities to value-add and to better take care of your pressure vessel compliance needs.

Liz Svensk