Licence to operate a steam turbine- High risk work licence

Adept provide registered training for Steam Turbine Operation Licences


As an accredited Registered Training Organisation, Adept offers trainees recognised competency in steam turbine operation.

Adept Trainers provide both written and practical assessment with feedback during your training to get you ready for your Steam Turbine license.

This licence allows you to operate and use:

  • A turbine that has an output of 500 kilowatts or more and;
  • Is multi-wheeled, or;
  • Is capable of a speed greater than 3,600 rpm, or;
  • Has attached condensers, or;
  • Has a multi-stage heat extraction process.

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Adept’s Steam Turbine Operation License training is a three-day on-site course. Adept’s Inspections and Training provide formal theoretical training for 8 hours each day. Trainees are then required to complete a self-paced logbook. When our Assessors are notified of completion, they return to conduct a four-hour practical assessment for each trainee.


All Adept requires is that you already have access to your own equipment for training and assessment.


Adept conduct written assessments and practical assessments during the Steam Turbine License training. These are designed to assess trainees for competency and prepare them for their State Authority Assessment. Upon successfully completing Adept’s practical assessment, Adept organise a Safework NSW State Authority Assessment for trainees.

Successful completion of this assessment will earn the trainee a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment, which will need to be processed, along with 100 points of identification, through the Australia Post Office.


“We have used Adept over the last 4-5 years for our boiler training across our 4 processing sites, at all times the training was professional and comprehensive, giving Tarac Technologies the confidence our people were well trained and had the confidence & ability to perform their tasks safely.”

Operations Manager, Tarac Technologies

“Adept go above and beyond. They worked around the clock to keep our pressure vessels compliant nationally when all the borders were shut. They make sure that any pressure vessels needing registration are actioned and keep all of our registrations in date.”

Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“Adept put our national audit together quickly and met all of our timeline requirements. They consistently deliver quality reporting and are always very helpful.”

National Technical Team Manager, Target & Kmart

“Adept are great to work with. They have been very hands on with making sure we understand and action our compliance requirements. They offer practical solutions and make sure we stay compliant.”

National Account Manager, mycar

“Adept Inspections & Training were called upon to carry out Statutory Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspections on our available assets, not only in our Workshop but were more than willing to travel to nearby sites. Adept not only supplied us with a punctual and competent Service Technician but also, with friendly Office Staff who look after all necessary planning, recording and documentation. I would recommend Adept Inspections and Training to anyone who requires this type of service.”

Maintenance Manager, Durock Drilling Pty. Ltd.